Keanu Reeves stars in Jim Klock’s “Interrogations Gone Wrong”

Actor Keanu Reeves guest starred in the sixth installment of the original comedy series, INTERROGATIONS GONE WRONG, that premiered on on June 3rd. Best known for starring in blockbuster films JOHN WICK and THE MATRIX franchise, Reeves will appear as himself in the episode titled, “Keanu Reeves Arrested, Interrogated and Really Pissed Off,” falling prey to two uber-diligent bumbling Detectives becoming the latest falsely accused celebrity suspect.

INTERROGATIONS GONE WRONG, created by  Jim Klock, revolves around two inept police detectives assigned to handle celebrity crime interrogations. With a knack for mistaking the celebrity they have in custody for another and absurdly misinterpreting the crimes, Detectives Colt Python (Klock) and Jack Steel (Mike Capozzi) are ready to protect and serve at all costs. This all-new episode was penned by Klock and co-writer Sean Spencer.

Klock and Reeves met last summer while co-starring in the feature film, THE WHOLE TRUTH, directed by Oscar nominated Courtney Hunt. The actors stayed in touch, which eventually lead to Klock sharing his original comedy series with Reeves, who was graciously eager to be involved.

Klock was thrilled by the opportunity to work with Reeves again, explaining “Keanu was just like he was on set of The Whole Truth, a hard working pro. He’s got this throw back feel as an actor that is very blue collar, let me show up with my hard hat and lunch box and let’s work! It was an incredible experience and he was brilliant. I think he is such a talented actor and he is absolutely hysterical in this piece.”

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