Code 3 Films is in the final development stages of their latest feature film LIVE OR DIE.

Jim wrote the screen play for LIVE OR DIE and is currently putting the pieces together which would have him direct the feature length film. Code 3 hopes to begin pre-production in early 2011.
LIVE OR DIE is a crime drama that tells the story of a police detective trying to get his man at all cost. What sets this story apart from others is the authenticity of the characters; LIVE OR DIE will give the audience a unique glimpse into the mind of a police detective.

LIVE OR DIE is the classic cat and mouse game between Detective Charlie Wolfe and John Laboy, the man suspected in the disappearance of Linda Newton. The two become locked in a life or death struggle fueled by power, obsession, and pride…who wins will determines who lives or dies. LIVE OR DIE is the story of these two men, and the woman whose life is changed forever as she becomes a pawn in their game. Wolfe believing Linda is already dead focuses entirely on Laboy…could he be wrong? The investigation is used as a vessel to take the audience along as Wolfe risks his career and Linda’s life to prove he has the right man.

LIVE OR DIE will captivate the audience with the realism of the characters and the authenticity of the police investigation. The action in this movie will enhance the story and move the audience through the investigation; but the story itself will be told through the men much in the style of SEVEN. The story takes place in a mid-size city which lends itself for somevisually stunning backdrops. The mood of the film will be dark and stylistically shot like NARC using the latest production equipment and techniques. Visually the beginning of the story will be shown wide and then slowly closes in as Wolfe closes in on Laboy. The camera work in this film will allow the actors the freedom to be authentic and give the audience a strong emotional connection to each character.

This story is a performance driven piece which compliments Jim’s directing style.Crime dramas are historically marketable films and with the spin on the genre that this film has it makes it very marketable. If cast correctly, this film could be the next big crime drama.