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About Us

Code 3 Films is a Film and Television Production Company

JIM KLOCK – President / CEO

Actor and filmmaker, Jim Klock has had much success acting in projects such as, the Academy Award-winning film “Green Book” with Viggo Mortensen, and Mahershala Ali, “Underground Railroad”, written and directed by Barry Jenkins, “The Whole Truth”, opposite Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellweger; “Deepwater Horizon”, with Mark Wahlberg; “True Detective”, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson; “The Astronaut Wives Club” on ABC; and as Detective Chisolm alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts on FOX’s “Scream Queens”. Jim also starred in the Warner Bros. Feature Film “Alex & Me” alongside soccer superstar Alex Morgan; and has a recurring role on Freeform’s highly-anticipated Marvel series, “Cloak & Dagger”. Most recently starring in Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series in the season one finale titled “Pure”, Guest Starring in the hit CBS series “Blue Bloods” and starring alongside Thomas Haden Church, Trai Byers, and Mykelti Williamson in “The 24th” directed by Oscar Winner Kevin Willmott.

Jim’s passion for filmmaking also includes producing, directing, and creating digital media. Jim has produced several films, including “The Trials of Cate McCall” with Kate Beckinsale and Nick Nolte; “There’s Always Woodstock”, with Katey Sagal and Brittany Snow; “Patient Seven”, with Michael Ironside; and “A Christmas Arrangement” which premiered November 2018 on Lifetime. Most recently Jim produced the feature film, “Already Gone” alongside Keanu Reeves starring Sean William Scott and directed by Chris Kenneally released theatrically September 2019. Jim’s directing credits include “Red Letters” (2019), “Murder Eleven” (2013), “River Guard” (2016), “Massacre on Aisle 12” (2016), “6:66PM: Evil Has an Hour to Kill” (2017) which won the Best Comedy Feature Film Award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival and the Amazon Exclusive Horror Film, “Slayed” (2020). He has even created a digital comedic series called “Interrogations Gone Wrong” in which Keanu Reeves and Jason O’Mara have guest starred. Continuing his passion for all facets of filmmaking, Jim directed the documentary “The Thin Black Line” which showcases African American Law Enforcement Officers serving on the front lines. 

A veteran police officer and current part-time Deputy Sheriff with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in Stafford, Virginia.  As a former narcotics detective, Jim worked and trained in many areas of law enforcement, including SWAT tactics, hostage negotiations, undercover operations, narcotics interdiction, interviews/interrogations, crime scene processing, and evidence collection. He was also an instructor in the areas of narcotics investigation, community policing, officer survival, defensive tactics/Krav Maga. Jim now teaches an introduction to acting for undercover and plain clothes officers. He believes that great filmmaking begins with a passion for great storytelling: It begins with the writing and developing of strong scripts, while simultaneously creating interesting and original characters. Bringing this all to life on screen while being surrounded by a great team of people who also believe in this vision-is what Jim loves most about filmmaking. “Every time we make a film, we are chasing dreams. How blessed are we who get to do it.”

“Your dream was given to you. If someone else can’t see it for you, that’s fine, it was given to you and not them. It’s your dream. Hold it. Nourish it. Cultivate it!”

Les Brown – Motivational Speaker


MIKE CAPOZZI – SVP of Creative Development

Mike Capozzi is a film and television actor and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Dubbed “The Face” by Groundlings Founder Gary Austin, his character work has allowed him to play a variety of roles including his role as Angry Brian on the TBS show “Men at Work” and as the co-lead in Jim Klock’s digital series “Interrogations Gone Wrong” working opposite guest stars Keanu Reeves and Jason O’Mara. “IGW” was just the beginning for Klock and Capozzi as they began the Code 3 Comedy banner, creating comedic content for digital platforms as well as joining Code 3 Films in the Creative position, co-producing and starring together in the 2020 feature films “Red Letters” and “Slayed”.

An accomplished actor, Mike can be seen in the Emmy Award winning series “Dark/Web” on Amazon, “My Best Friend’s Christmas” on Showtime, and in The Ninth House productions airing on Lifetime as Detective Allen in “Psycho Stripper”, Edgar the gardener in “Killer Dream Home” and as Carl in the hit thriller, “Secrets in the Woods”.

Constantly working on bringing characters to life that he created on stage with Gary Austin and Wenndy Mackenzie, his character Irving “Killer” Jones, a retired boxer with a record of zero wins and 600 losses, has become a viral hit on social media. Because of the believability of the character, a lot of his following believe him to be a real person. While continuing to work on the character as a comedic outlet, Capozzi also uses “Killer” to promote anti bullying and Code 3 is developing a feature length project featuring Killer and his boxing manager to be played by Jim Klock.

Marcie Klock – Manager of Business Development

Marcie Klock brings a unique and diverse experience with her career experience as the Manager of Business Development to the Code 3 Films family. Marcie has spent over 15 years managing very high profile Military programs for the United States Military. Her experience as a Program Manager for the Military allows her to bring a variety of expertise to Code 3 Films.

One of Marcie’s passions is supporting her husband, Jim Klock (President/CEO) with his acting/film career.

Marcie has been the Unit Production Manager for “Red Letters”, and most recently filmed and shot over the summer of 2020, Slayed, both by the Code 3 Films family.

Marcie is also pursuing her love of writing. She will soon be a headliner in a Women’s devotional book coming out in April 2021.

Mike and Jim on the set of SLAYED


Mike and Jim created Code 3 Comedy to spread joy and laughter to as many who would watch. Creating many original series and constantly creating other characters, Code 3 Comedy is the fun and absolutely silly side of Code 3 Films.