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Code 3 Comedy

Code 3 Comedy is the funny bone of Code 3 Films.

All of the crazy outlandish ideas that come to our heads we showcase with Code 3 Comedy we even have our own page on Funny or Die that has Jim Klock’s award winning “Interrogations Gone Wrong” series

Interrogations Gone Wrong

They also have the hilarious antics of Jim as Barley Knose, Singing and Song Writing with Sebastian and Marq, America’s Top Preacher, The Adventures of Pinata & Skyla, and Mrs. Putin’s Life Coaching for Americans. You never know what they will come up with next so check back often and follow Code 3 Comedy on Youtube.

One On One With Barley Knose

Singing and Songwriting with Sebastian and Marq

America’s Next Top Preacher

The Adventures of PiƱata and Skyla

Mrs. Putin’s Life Coaching for Americans