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Code 3 Films Posts

Code 3 Films to begin Principal Photography on May 19th for the Short What We Live By

Code 3 will be producing a WWII based short film for writer Stephanie Terista with principal photography scheduled to begin May 19th.

The Short film is an adaptation of Stephanie’s feature length script by the same name. The film chronicles the life of WWII fighter pilot Reed Anderson and his unbridled passion for flying and love of country. His life is revisited by a group of students on a tour of the Millville Army Air Field Museum , where each exhibit brings back to life his heroic story.

Code 3 is proud to team with Stephanie,the Museum , and the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission on this project. The museum will be providing the museum for shooting along with authentic uniforms and props, and the project is funded in part by a grant Stephanie received through the commission.

Code 3 will be holding auditions in April for several roles. Stay tuned for more information!

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Code 3 Films is proud to announce their new Wedding Film Division

Code 3 has started a wedding films division that produces a cinematic style of wedding films.

Years of experience producing films, documentaries, and television programs help us tell the story of your love. Our unique cinematic style will capture your most important moments, ensuring you will have them to cherish forever. Although we are there to catch every moment of your special day, professionalism and unobtrusiveness are two key components that set us apart from the rest!

Our wedding division operates under the name DMart Films, check out our work at Take a look at our posted wedding and love story trailers. Feel free to post any comments or feedback about what you see! Be sure to check back for more news and updates!

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Code 3 Films adds a new Canon DSLR kit to their equipment inventory.

Code 3 is excited about the addition of this amazing camera kit to thier family of HD cameras.

The 5D Mark II is a full sensor 35 mm digital camera which captures HD video in full 1080p at 1920×1080. The camera captures in various frame rates including 24p. The camera utilizes the full compliment of Canon EF lenses to capture the best video in any circumstance. The camera captures video with the look of film thanks to the fuill sensor, 35m lens and 24p frame rate.

See the Music Video Section for a test film shot on the new 5D.

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Code 3’s Chris Hubbart is now an award winning special effects artist

Code 3’s Chris Hubbart was part of a group that entered the Miami 48 Hour Film Festival in August. Their film “Palindrome” won several awards including Best Special FX which were done exclusively by Chris. The effects in the film were a mix of all of Chris’ Special Effects talents and included both physical effects and digital effects composed in post production. Chris also played the lead in the short film. Although he only had one line, he delivered it flawlessly as the film also won Best Film and Audience Choice Awards.

Join us in congratulating Chris on this great accomplishment

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Principal photography ended the second week of July on the comedy pilot “Sweetwater Boxing Club”

The project is in the post production phase as the edit and trailer are being completed. Code 3 Co-Produced with Sean Ireland’s Out of the House Films. Jim amd Darrell Produced the project along with Sean, as Chris was the Director of Photography. Jim also starred as the lead and Darrell had a small part as well. Code 3’s own Make-up and Hair Coordinator Gloria O’Neil was able to work on the project as well. The project came together nicely and should do well once completed. The shoot occurred in over four very hot days in Springfield MA.”

Sweetwater Boxing Club is a situational comedy serries that revolves around the happenings of the Sweetwater boxing gym. The show centers on the crazy cast of boxers and wanna be’s that call the gym their own, with Writer Sean Ireland giving each a uniquly funny and interesting twist. The gym’s owner is to be played by Code 3’s own Jim Klock.

Code 3 teamed with Ireland’s Out of the House for the wacky feature film Sway in 2003. Besides Jim the show also featured Steve Morrossey and Charles Kelley. The group of misfit boxers included Darrell, Colin Allen, Scott Sylvia, Drew Cooper, and Gregory Infussi. Tia Hrusa and Kelly Bates played lovely dancers and looked beautiful doing so.

Pictures are posted in the image pictures section of the website, and a trailer should be posted soon

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Code 3 Films is in the final development stages of their latest feature film LIVE OR DIE.

Jim wrote the screen play for LIVE OR DIE and is currently putting the pieces together which would have him direct the feature length film. Code 3 hopes to begin pre-production in early 2011.
LIVE OR DIE is a crime drama that tells the story of a police detective trying to get his man at all cost. What sets this story apart from others is the authenticity of the characters; LIVE OR DIE will give the audience a unique glimpse into the mind of a police detective.

LIVE OR DIE is the classic cat and mouse game between Detective Charlie Wolfe and John Laboy, the man suspected in the disappearance of Linda Newton. The two become locked in a life or death struggle fueled by power, obsession, and pride…who wins will determines who lives or dies. LIVE OR DIE is the story of these two men, and the woman whose life is changed forever as she becomes a pawn in their game. Wolfe believing Linda is already dead focuses entirely on Laboy…could he be wrong? The investigation is used as a vessel to take the audience along as Wolfe risks his career and Linda’s life to prove he has the right man.

LIVE OR DIE will captivate the audience with the realism of the characters and the authenticity of the police investigation. The action in this movie will enhance the story and move the audience through the investigation; but the story itself will be told through the men much in the style of SEVEN. The story takes place in a mid-size city which lends itself for somevisually stunning backdrops. The mood of the film will be dark and stylistically shot like NARC using the latest production equipment and techniques. Visually the beginning of the story will be shown wide and then slowly closes in as Wolfe closes in on Laboy. The camera work in this film will allow the actors the freedom to be authentic and give the audience a strong emotional connection to each character.

This story is a performance driven piece which compliments Jim’s directing style.Crime dramas are historically marketable films and with the spin on the genre that this film has it makes it very marketable. If cast correctly, this film could be the next big crime drama.
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Whispers makes its World Premiere at the Garden State Film Festival

Whispers made its world premiere on March 28th at the 8th Annual Garden State Film Festival. The film screened at the Showroom in Asbury park to a standing room only crowd. Most of the cast and crew were able to attend. This was the third film that Code 3 has screened at the Garden State Film Festival. Stay tuned as Whispers will be screening in additional festivals soon.

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