Murder Eleven won three awards at it’s premiere at the the Down Beach Film Festival in Atlantic City. Jim Klock won Best Writer in the Feature category, Julienne Irons who won Best Actress in a Feature Drama and, the film also earned the award for “Best Use of Atlantic City” at the festival! We are proud of the early success the film is having and look forward to more to come.

Code 3 Films is proud to announce that Murder 11 will make it’s world premiere at the 2012 Down Beach Film Festival on Saturday October 13th. The film will screen at 3pm on Saturday afternoon at Carnegie Center located at the corner of MLK Blvd and Pacific Avenue.  Check out the schedule of all the great films to be shown at the festival at, and come out and se some great films, we look forward to seeing you all there.

Code 3 Films is pleased to announce that they have added a Canon 5D MK III to their camera line up. Canon’s newest offering adds better video quality and incredible low light performance. Canon has fixed many of the bugs that made shooting video with a DSLR challenging making the Mark III the best DSLR for video on the market. Code 3 has a comprehensive DSLR package including 4 camera bodies (2 5d MkII’s a 5d MK III, 1 60D) a canon  lens package (14mm f2.8, 24mm f/1.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/ 1.8, 24-105mm f/4, 70-200mm II f/2.8) ,Zacuto EVF Pro, Glidecam 2000, Kessler Pocket Dolly, Kessler 6Ft. Jib.

Code 3’s DSLR package is a flexible camera solution for many projects both big and small. Code 3 shot their latest feature film “Murder Eleven” last summer with this package which will be released shortly, stay tuned for details.

Jim, in his capacity with Sunrise Pictures, is currently on location in Los Angeles producing the film The Trials of Cate McCullough starring Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte and James Cromwell. The film is being directed by Karen Moncrieff and and being co-produced by Sunrise Pictures and Pitbull Pictures.

Code 3 has teamed up with Attention Seeker Entertainment to co-produce a ten episode television series about Olympic athletes as they prepare to compete in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Los Angeles based Attention Seeker Entertainment is producing the series and brought Code 3 on board to get the show filmed and ready for broadcast distribution. The show will consist of ten half hour episodes each featuring a different American Olympic hopeful. The list of athletes is impressive as the show will feature 2008 Gymnastics All Around Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin, 2008 100 Meter Hurdles Olympic Gold Medalist Dawn Harper, BMX racing phenom Connor Fields,The olympic Champion Lopez Family, and the fastest women in the world, Carmelita Jeter, just to name a few.

Code 3 has been on location filming since the end of January when they traveled to Los Angeles and filmed at among other places the historic Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and the beautiful track at UCLA. They then made a stop in Las Vegas before heading to Colorado Springs where they spent a week filming at the Olympic Training Center. This weekend they are heading to the Big Apple to film at the famed Madison Square Garden beforing ending their filming in Houston and Dallas at the end of the month.

The show is set to be broadcast in Europe beginning in May and US distribution is in the works. Stay tuned for all the distribution details, and pics of the shoot will be posted shortly.

Check out the Show’s imdb page

Code 3’s latest feature film Murder Eleven written and directed by Jim Klock is in the final stages of post production. Picture is locked and the film is undergoing color correction and final sound mix.

Initial test showings have garnered rave reviews and high praise for Jim Klock’s gripping performance in this spellbinding thriller. The film follows two Atlantic City Detectives while they try to stop a serial killer who has already killed 10 Atlantic City Prostitutes. The film is a roller coaster ride that will keep you guessing and an ending that will have you talking for days and wanting to make you watch it all over again.

Along with Jim’s amazing performance the cast also features Julienne Irons, Michael Mack, Richard Reid, and Autumn Federici.

Murder Eleven will surely make a run on the festival circuit this spring which is likely to start in Asbury Park’s Garden State Film Festival. The film is also headed for distribution so check back often to find out where you can see Murder Eleven

Check out the Film’s IMDB

Code 3’s wedding division, Dmart Films is flourishing with bookings quickly filling for 2012 and 2013.

Darrell and Emily continue to amaze brides with cinematic Wedding films that far surpass the local competition. Using the tools and techniques used in all Code 3 productions, Dmart Films approaches weddings the same way they do feature films creating a unique Cinematic Style that has brides from the tri-state area lining up to reserve their date.

Check out Dmart Films’s amazing trailers at

Code 3 had a sucessful five day shoot on location at the Millville Army Air Field museum.

Code 3 is excited about the shoot and the performances were amazing. Post production is scheduled to begin this week and they hope to have the film ready for the museum’s December movie night! Stay tuned for more information and check the photo section for production photos

Ten murders, two cops, and one killer, or so they think.

Code 3 will begin principal photography on June 6th for their latest feature film “Murder Eleven”. The film was written and will be Directed by Jim Klock.

The film is a classic “Thriller” with a twist that will keep you guessing and an ending that will have you talking about the film for days.

A serial killer is loose on the streets of atlantic city. His ten victims are prostitutes, his methods are ruthless and yet his motives are unknown. Two embattled homicide detectives, Mayfield and Jessee, are in a race against time to catch this killer. They have just a few hours to utilize all of their resources and prevent murder number eleven. But with very few leads, very little support, and luck playing against them they are in for a long night because being wrong is unforgiving and number eleven is already gone.

The film will be shot over the course of two weeks in the Atlantic City NJ area.

The Film will Star Jim Klock, Nicole Pettis, Michael Mack, Richard Reid, and AutumFederici.]]>

Code 3 will be producing a WWII based short film for writer Stephanie Terista with principal photography scheduled to begin May 19th.

The Short film is an adaptation of Stephanie’s feature length script by the same name. The film chronicles the life of WWII fighter pilot Reed Anderson and his unbridled passion for flying and love of country. His life is revisited by a group of students on a tour of the Millville Army Air Field Museum , where each exhibit brings back to life his heroic story.

Code 3 is proud to team with Stephanie,the Museum , and the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission on this project. The museum will be providing the museum for shooting along with authentic uniforms and props, and the project is funded in part by a grant Stephanie received through the commission.

Code 3 will be holding auditions in April for several roles. Stay tuned for more information!

Code 3 has started a wedding films division that produces a cinematic style of wedding films.

Years of experience producing films, documentaries, and television programs help us tell the story of your love. Our unique cinematic style will capture your most important moments, ensuring you will have them to cherish forever. Although we are there to catch every moment of your special day, professionalism and unobtrusiveness are two key components that set us apart from the rest!

Our wedding division operates under the name DMart Films, check out our work at Take a look at our posted wedding and love story trailers. Feel free to post any comments or feedback about what you see! Be sure to check back for more news and updates!

Code 3 is excited about the addition of this amazing camera kit to thier family of HD cameras.

The 5D Mark II is a full sensor 35 mm digital camera which captures HD video in full 1080p at 1920×1080. The camera captures in various frame rates including 24p. The camera utilizes the full compliment of Canon EF lenses to capture the best video in any circumstance. The camera captures video with the look of film thanks to the fuill sensor, 35m lens and 24p frame rate.

See the Music Video Section for a test film shot on the new 5D.

Code 3’s Chris Hubbart was part of a group that entered the Miami 48 Hour Film Festival in August. Their film “Palindrome” won several awards including Best Special FX which were done exclusively by Chris. The effects in the film were a mix of all of Chris’ Special Effects talents and included both physical effects and digital effects composed in post production. Chris also played the lead in the short film. Although he only had one line, he delivered it flawlessly as the film also won Best Film and Audience Choice Awards.

Join us in congratulating Chris on this great accomplishment

The project is in the post production phase as the edit and trailer are being completed. Code 3 Co-Produced with Sean Ireland’s Out of the House Films. Jim amd Darrell Produced the project along with Sean, as Chris was the Director of Photography. Jim also starred as the lead and Darrell had a small part as well. Code 3’s own Make-up and Hair Coordinator Gloria O’Neil was able to work on the project as well. The project came together nicely and should do well once completed. The shoot occurred in over four very hot days in Springfield MA.”

Sweetwater Boxing Club is a situational comedy serries that revolves around the happenings of the Sweetwater boxing gym. The show centers on the crazy cast of boxers and wanna be’s that call the gym their own, with Writer Sean Ireland giving each a uniquly funny and interesting twist. The gym’s owner is to be played by Code 3’s own Jim Klock.

Code 3 teamed with Ireland’s Out of the House for the wacky feature film Sway in 2003. Besides Jim the show also featured Steve Morrossey and Charles Kelley. The group of misfit boxers included Darrell, Colin Allen, Scott Sylvia, Drew Cooper, and Gregory Infussi. Tia Hrusa and Kelly Bates played lovely dancers and looked beautiful doing so.

Pictures are posted in the image pictures section of the website, and a trailer should be posted soon

Whispers made its world premiere on March 28th at the 8th Annual Garden State Film Festival. The film screened at the Showroom in Asbury park to a standing room only crowd. Most of the cast and crew were able to attend. This was the third film that Code 3 has screened at the Garden State Film Festival. Stay tuned as Whispers will be screening in additional festivals soon.