Code 3 Films is Excited to Announce Principal Photograhy Starts on June 5th, 2011 on their next Feature Film

Ten murders, two cops, and one killer, or so they think.

Code 3 will begin principal photography on June 6th for their latest feature film “Murder Eleven”. The film was written and will be Directed by Jim Klock.

The film is a classic “Thriller” with a twist that will keep you guessing and an ending that will have you talking about the film for days.

A serial killer is loose on the streets of atlantic city. His ten victims are prostitutes, his methods are ruthless and yet his motives are unknown. Two embattled homicide detectives, Mayfield and Jessee, are in a race against time to catch this killer. They have just a few hours to utilize all of their resources and prevent murder number eleven. But with very few leads, very little support, and luck playing against them they are in for a long night because being wrong is unforgiving and number eleven is already gone.

The film will be shot over the course of two weeks in the Atlantic City NJ area.

The Film will Star Jim Klock, Nicole Pettis, Michael Mack, Richard Reid, and AutumFederici.]]>